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      Our Mission

Together we can create a future with clear skies, clean water, and pristine land. By tackling not only the source of the problem but the residual effects of pollution, we will effectively transform the environment into one we will all enjoy. Collectively we will fulfill the possibility of environmental responsibility to ensure that people are healthy and happy for generations to come.


Air pollution has been tied to respiratory problems such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, and even birth defects. Polluted water can lead to cholera, dysentery, and hepatitis to name a few. Let us dedicate ourselves to clean the air and water and create a healthy ecosystem for humans and animals alike.

Clean Air & Water

  • Planting trees in burned or depleted areas
  • Educating people on solar power.
  • Cleaning up the garbage in our oceans.
  • Filtering our air with smog eating concrete.
  • Recycle plastics that would otherwise be dumped in the ocean or a landfill.



Website launched!


We're currently in phase one: Plant a Tree Worldwide! Did you know that planting one tree can help absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year? Through this same photosynthetic process, each tree produces 1 day's worth of oxygen for 4 people!  We're committed to planting 10,000+ trees worldwide in order to offset carbon emissions and help make the air that much cleaner. Help inspire others! Plant a tree and share a selfie of you and your tree with the world!







First Tree Selfie!

Don from Battle Creek, MI